Robert: A 60-word story

He was asked where he felt at ‘home’

A smile and a wince

I grew up not far from here in a small town.

I immediately moved out when I came home from travels.

Not generations but mentalities

A disconnect from those who had returned

I want to be in an urban space, where it is dynamic and social.



Market Day

The French ritual of Saturday market is one which continues to prevail, particularly in the countryside. It is a day, of not only getting fresh produce and browsing wares, but also engaging with one’s community, observing who’s around, discovering what’s new and sharing updates with neighbours, farmers and local businesses.

Memorial to madness

It is the ‘othering’ that remains at the heart of our problems, our conflicts

This takes place not in faraway places but at home

In our own families

How do we overcome the fear that we have of those we do not (think we) understand?

We too are different

Shades of red. Signs of privilege. Protection and safety.

We stand on balconies, inhaling deep realisations of what we want and do not want.

We are sheltered. And yet this suffocates us.


Writing As a Way of Life

A beautiful essay on writing as a way of life. There are many ways to write and forms of expression. Is it through writing in your own personal journal? What about short stories? Poetry? A possible novel? A blog? Or is it writing academic articles? Policy reports? A PhD? What is writing for you? How often do you write?

boy with a hat

woman writing painting

Many people want to become authors these days, to be published and make a living writing fiction. And many of them work hard on their books. Yet only relatively few writers bloom into authors in the true sense of the word — dedication doesn’t guarantee success. I sometimes wonder what makes the difference between those who work hard and succeed and those who work hard and don’t.

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