Takin’ it to the streets of East Van




Amsterdam: Life on the canal

Summer has finally arrived in Europe and the heat is sweltering. The key to enjoying hot summer days and evenings is access to refreshing bodies of water. This brings a different form of life to the canals of Amsterdam. People flock to them in droves Рsetting up picnics for the day, jumping off bridges and of course, cruising around in boats.

Re-construction or destruction?

In order to re-build and re-construct – whether a place is affected by natural disaster, conflict or is just experiencing a rejuvenation – there is some form of perturbing, painful and distraught level of destruction which is usually involved. We are reminded of the amount of soil, wires, cement and steel that are involved to build the spaces in which we live and work.

Through modern construction materials such as bulldozers, cranes and diggers, we are able to create strong foundations for something new. At the same time, we can destroy what was, erasing old memories and spaces as if they never existed.

This is modern development at its best…and worst.


The tracks


Let us jump on the train


The tracks of life will lead our way

No matter the direction

Or the detours

We will arrive at our destination