Robert: A 60-word story

He was asked where he felt at ‘home’

A smile and a wince

I grew up not far from here in a small town.

I immediately moved out when I came home from travels.

Not generations but mentalities

A disconnect from those who had returned

I want to be in an urban space, where it is dynamic and social.



Sylvie: A 60-word story

Born to an Italian father and Spanish mother

Her heart and soul raised in the Swiss Alps

I never realised that as a woman, I would have so much to carry on my shoulders.

Hair messy, eyes wild with laughter

It is good we came here, to mix things up a bit.

She closed her eyes, warming them in the morning sun


Val d’Anniviers

Alex: A 50 word story

Attaché par un noeud de huit

En suspension lors des relais

La promotion de la paix?

Vous avez du travail

J’ai participé dans un projet de dialogue

Mais c’est comme les chats et les chiens


Comment faire un secours

Si votre partenaire est blessé.

La suspension

En suspension

Attached by a figure-eight knot

Suspended at the belay station


You have your work cut out for you

I participated in a dialogue project

But it’s like cats and dogs


Practicing how to perform

a lead rescue

If your partner is injured.