Memorial to madness

It is the ‘othering’ that remains at the heart of our problems, our conflicts

This takes place not in faraway places but at home

In our own families

How do we overcome the fear that we have of those we do not (think we) understand?

We too are different

Shades of red. Signs of privilege. Protection and safety.

We stand on balconies, inhaling deep realisations of what we want and do not want.

We are sheltered. And yet this suffocates us.



the inheritance of loss…

… is a novel by Kiran Desai about different worlds, identities and life struggles.

I reflect on that book as I think of both the global and personal experiences of loss that we go through.

Nepal, not once, but twice. Those of us who are far hope for resilience in a space which is being confronted by natural awakenings.

Prayer flags, Nepal

But also in the small spaces that may be more close to home. The loss of families and loved ones. Often taken from us too soon. A void that is difficult to fill.

The inheritance of loss transcends time, space and generations and it crosses oceans.

At the same time, the support, resistance and recovery that is shared from across the miles also crosses those (real or unreal) boundaries.

Getting the ball rolling…

I confessed to a friend that I had started a blog but I hadn’t published anything on it yet. I had just made some draft’s that remained so. That put some pressure on me to actually get the ball rolling. But, what is this yet-another-blog about?

Confession numero uno: I’m still trying to figure that out…

I think it’s about travels. But not just any travels. It’s about travels that make us think, reflect and question our existence but also pushes us to learn about a place, context, people, political situation. That place, mind you, might be right here, in front of your eyes – and not necessarily a far away land.

I think this is a space of reflection. Of combining academic knowledge, research and practice of particular contexts to leisure, travel and adventure. It’s about the outdoors and the indoors. The spaces that some see that others don’t and vice versa.

I’d like to think that it’s also about photography. That it will provide a space for me to explore my photography and try to push it to new limits. Let’s see if it works… 🙂

I hope that it can be a space where one can muse about another world, other realities, as well as the ones that we face ourselves on a daily basis.

The journey home, Rwanda

The journey home, Rwanda