Lena: A 50 word story

A shift from the corporate world

To trailing spouse

Opened her eyes to new ways of being

I no longer aspire to have that big career.

Her life at a crossroads

The creation of new community in each location

I think ‘coming home’ was the toughest transition of all.






Her finger shook as she laughed

Weight of life being carried

on her head

like bananas.

The colourful wrapper


her bones.

Wrinkles and creases


Present in the now.

Does the old pain


with time?




Memorial to madness

It is the ‘othering’ that remains at the heart of our problems, our conflicts

This takes place not in faraway places but at home

In our own families

How do we overcome the fear that we have of those we do not (think we) understand?

We too are different

Shades of red. Signs of privilege. Protection and safety.

We stand on balconies, inhaling deep realisations of what we want and do not want.

We are sheltered. And yet this suffocates us.


Francis: A 60 word story

He peeked through the gate and waved at an orphan

I used to live here with my parents and siblings.

A young lad; traversing the oceans on a boat

British winters spent in his hometown

How nice of you to take an old man to dinner.

We found each other not once but twice

Did you hear the one about the Jaffna mosquitoes?

Zurab: A 50 word story

A Georgian geologist who earned his living in Russia

Don’t worry, I will arrange it.

A close friend built like a bodyguard

Say something.

Speeches of great men and their families

Glasses raised: გაუმარჯოს [Gaumardschoss]

A helicopter lands where no roads exist

Yes, he is a real man.

Purpose in camouflage.