Alpine flower

Warmth of the sunshine

The alpine soil flourishes

Violet rising




Sometimes a path emerges that looks strange


It is unclear where it will lead

If anywhere

Should you take it

Turn back

Circumvent it?

Create a new path

One that takes you

Where you actually

want to go.


Sylvie: A 60-word story

Born to an Italian father and Spanish mother

Her heart and soul raised in the Swiss Alps

I never realised that as a woman, I would have so much to carry on my shoulders.

Hair messy, eyes wild with laughter

It is good we came here, to mix things up a bit.

She closed her eyes, warming them in the morning sun


Val d’Anniviers

Landscapes Photo Challenge

A friend nominated me for the National Geographic Landscapes photo challenge which required posting one landscape photo every day for seven days. These are the seven photos that I posted to that challenge over the past week. You can also find them (and many others!) on the Your Shot site.

Winter crystals

Winter ginkgo walks

Crystals on a Norway spruce

Dancing in the sun