Reveal lines

of age

of temperament

of possibilities

of a future life

Rays shine

Open pores

Put things into question

of what is yet to come.



Sometimes a path emerges that looks strange


It is unclear where it will lead

If anywhere

Should you take it

Turn back

Circumvent it?

Create a new path

One that takes you

Where you actually

want to go.


Re-construction or destruction?

In order to re-build and re-construct – whether a place is affected by natural disaster, conflict or is just experiencing a rejuvenation – there is some form of perturbing, painful and distraught level of destruction which is usually involved. We are reminded of the amount of soil, wires, cement and steel that are involved to build the spaces in which we live and work.

Through modern construction materials such as bulldozers, cranes and diggers, we are able to create strong foundations for something new. At the same time, we can destroy what was, erasing old memories and spaces as if they never existed.

This is modern development at its best…and worst.


Memorial to madness

It is the ‘othering’ that remains at the heart of our problems, our conflicts

This takes place not in faraway places but at home

In our own families

How do we overcome the fear that we have of those we do not (think we) understand?

We too are different

Shades of red. Signs of privilege. Protection and safety.

We stand on balconies, inhaling deep realisations of what we want and do not want.

We are sheltered. And yet this suffocates us.