musingsofanotherworld is about journeys, both near and far, both physical and mental, that aims to provide a tiny glimpse into how life is lived in different spaces.

Travel and journeys are not so much the subject of this blog, but the source of inspiration. It uses different forms of writing and photography as mediums to provide insights into people and places and the relationships that one forms with them.

The name of this blog comes from a conversation that took place some years back when a group of friends went on a trip in a foreign place. After a short acclimatisation walk, one of them asked: Is this, like, the same world? We laughed at the naivety and absurdity of the question. But later, I realized that this was not absurd at all. It demonstrated the gut feeling/surprise/shock that we often experience when arriving in a new place that seems so far and so different from our daily reality. I now find humility at the thought that while sometimes our experiences feel like they are taking place in another world, we are in fact always in the same world.

A leap of faith

Oh, the places you’ll go!

While things may seem so different when we are far away from the places we call home, our surroundings are more familiar than we think. And often, even when we are at home we can experience new things, explore new places and reflect on new ideas in a way we never thought possible.

I have travelled since the tender age of 2 weeks old and have always found solace in keeping a personal journal. I have learned a lot from the different journeys that have guided me here but also the daily thoughts that take place wherever you are. This blog provides a space to share some of the stories, reflections and photographs that I pick up along the way.

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