the inheritance of loss…

… is a novel by Kiran Desai about different worlds, identities and life struggles.

I reflect on that book as I think of both the global and personal experiences of loss that we go through.

Nepal, not once, but twice. Those of us who are far hope for resilience in a space which is being confronted by natural awakenings.

Prayer flags, Nepal

But also in the small spaces that may be more close to home. The loss of families and loved ones. Often taken from us too soon. A void that is difficult to fill.

The inheritance of loss transcends time, space and generations and it crosses oceans.

At the same time, the support, resistance and recovery that is shared from across the miles also crosses those (real or unreal) boundaries.


2 thoughts on “the inheritance of loss…

  1. Dear Armin, indeed. There are so many good local and international actors working to support on the ground but the 2nd earthquake has definitely contributed to a whole new level of issues.


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