Paying homage to poetry…

Sometimes we travel with a backpack, a suitcase, on train, planes and automobiles. However, other times we travel with our minds, through novels, articles and poetry. This is a short post to pay homage to the latter. The friend who convinced me to launch this blog recently published his first book of poetry and I would like to share just one tiny excerpt of how words on paper can enable us to travel to places we have never seen but also to places within ourselves which we didn’t know existed. I hope you speak French. 🙂

A winter sunset, Vancouver, BC Canada

A winter sunset, Vancouver, BC Canada

Il est entendu que l’espoir est une folie. Le soleil

levé ne suffit pas à éteindre la nuit. La nuit: ce qui

n’est pas encore bout, et ses vapeurs assombrissent.

De nouveau les marches, de nouveau le soleil, les

courses-poursuites, le soleil. Les forêts n’ont prévenu

personne de leur arrivée dans le ciel. Les fleuves n’ont

prévenu personne des inondations.

˜ Henri-Michel Yéré, Mil-Neuf-Cent-Quatre-Vingt-Dix


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